Pinkdomino: I too, had trouble with the latch initially. Make sure that when he is positioned incorrectly, you de-latch him by sticking your finger in the corner of his mouth and breaking the suction. If the latch is good, it should not hurt you at all! I would often find that in from of an LC my son would latch perfectly, but as soon as I got him home, I would be in pain again and his latch would change. Just keep trying and trying. Get your baby to open his mouth wider by pulling down on his chin when he opens his mouth, and then push your breast as far into his mouth as you can. It may seem rough, but sometimes it's the only way for them to get areola as well as nipple. When you put your little finger in your babies mouth, does he push your finger out with his tongue? This reflex is how he uses his tongue to stimulate your areola and produce milk. If he is not doing this, perhaps you could talk to your LC about showing you how to 'finger train' your son.

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