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Thread: will taking fenugreek be okay if I am pregnant?

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    Default will taking fenugreek be okay if I am pregnant?

    Well I am super worried that my milk supply will decrease. I am about 4 weeks pregnant, but nursing my 3 month old baby. I read that fenugreek will increase my supply...but I don't want it to affect the new baby. Does anyone know about this? What is blessed thistle? Will that hurt the baby?

    I know that pregnancy decrease in milk is hormonal, not so much supply and demand, but I wanted to get as much milk pumped and frozen as possible, so if I need to give a bottle after she nurses then it will be my milk. Any knowledge on this?

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    Default Re: will taking fenugreek be okay if I am pregnant?

    Kellymom states on its websitet hat fenugreek is not recommended for use during pregnancy. See below:

    Fenugreek use during pregnancy
    Medicinal doses of fenugreek, not the amounts used in curries, are considered a uterine stimulant. Fenugreek has been used to aid and induce labor [Dehlvi, Bingel 1991, IntelliHealth] and is considered to be an emmenagogue [Turner]. For this reason, fenugreek use is not recommended during pregnancy (particularly late pregnancy).
    • Fenugreek is used as a morning sickness remedy in Chinese medicine. [Richmond]
    • "Use only in moderation during pregnancy. A uterine stimulant in high doses, but quite safe as a culinary herb or during labour." [Ody 1999]
    • Motherlove Herbal lists fenugreek as a cleansing herb which is "too strong or irritating" to be used during pregnancy. [Motherlove]
    • One study effectively used fenugreek as a source of fiber to control blood glucose and lipid levels of pregnant diabetic women. [Madar 1987]
    • "A stimulant effect on the isolated uterus (guinea pig) has been reported and its use in late pregnancy may not be advisable." [Hale 2002]
    • "Water and alcohol extracts of fenugreek are oxytocic. They stimulate contraction of uterine smooth muscles during the last period of pregnancy according to studies on isolated guinea pig uterus tissue." [Willard 1991]
    • "Fenugreek exerts an oxytocic effect in guinea pigs. Its use in humans has not been sufficiently studied, but could potentially lead to SAB or preterm labor and prematurity secondary to its oxytocic effects. Its use in pregnancy is not recommended." [Rice]
    • Not recommended during pregnancy. [CommE, Brinker 1998, McGuffin 1997, MHO]

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    Default Re: will taking fenugreek be okay if I am pregnant?

    After reading that I would say NO!!!! Talk to your doctor about it to see if there is anything that they could give you or recommend. I am having someone come over tomorrow since my supply is decreasing and she recommends a hospital grade pump to get my supply up so you could always look into getting that but this annoys me since I spent so much money on a pump that was recommended to me by the hospital. GOod luck and congrats on the pregnancy

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