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Thread: Baby-led approach

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    Can someone give me the cliff notes version of how to use the baby-led approach for starting solids? My LO is about 6.5 months and I want to start solids this week. I was going to make her a sweet potato and puree it, but I am not sure if that's the way to go. I have read other posts about giving LO's finger foods, but aren't you nervous about choking? How do you know what's safe, and how big/small to make the chunks? Any advice is appreciated. I feel like this is such an exciting time - starting solids - and I want to make sure I am well-informed and have a plan. Thanks!

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    Only feed foods that are squishy (avocados, etc). I was always told that when baby is reaching for your food, that they are ready to try solids...not before.

    My daughter loved avocados, bananas, strawberries and applesauce. From day one she would avoid all veggies like the plague...and still does to this day. LOL

    The chunks should be big enough for them to pick up easily, but not much bigger than that. I think about 1/2 inch chunks would be good. But, always sit in front of baby when introducing solids and cut pieces if they seem too big.

    Another thing that came in handy was this: Safe Feeder. You can put solid food into the mesh and have them gnaw on it...they'll get used to chewing solid foods and get the pulp/etc of the fruit/veggie, and you won't have to worry about choking.

    Hope that helps!!

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    Do a search at the top for babyled. You'll find lots of discussions on this.
    We do "french fry" cuts for most foods and she does really well with it. I cook pears, apples so they are more mushy. If they don't "eat" right away, that's normal. My DD still does a lot more playing than eating. She's 8.5 months. Remember that gagging is normal and OK but do familiarize yourself on how to deal with choking. My DD was choking the other day on something and it is scary. It wasn't food. I think it was a piece of thread because it was in her poo a few days later. LOL.

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