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Thread: what is the elimination diet?

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    Default what is the elimination diet?

    My 4m DD has been very gassy for about a month now, so much so, it wakes her up at night. I’ve tried eliminating dairy & I stay away from gassy foods. What is the elimination diet?

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    Default Re: what is the elimination diet?

    An elimination diet is where you eliminate something from your diet. So if you want to eliminate dairy you not only stop drinking milk, eating cheese, yogurt and ice cream but you also read labels to find hidden dairy (not from an approved LLL source but here's a list of hidden dairy items you may see on a food label -- http://www.kellymom.com/store/freeha...en-dairy01.pdf). But an elimination diet can be anything, depending on what you believe is the culprit.

    Here's something from Dr. Sears that you may find helpful http://www.askdrsears.com/html/4/T041200.asp


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    Smile Re: what is the elimination diet?

    I had the same problem. I quit all dairy products and had to quit eating onions and eggs also. That seemed to make baby very gassy and have "explosively loud" poops that would wake him up. Alot of the times he would want to nurse in order to relax him enough to poop. I also would give him mylicon after each feeding. He is 10 wk now and is doing much better. We are down to maybe 1-3 times of giving him mylicon.
    It will end soon-I was told after 3 months their digestive system will be developed.

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