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Thread: Breastfeeding blitz while on vacation

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    Default Breastfeeding blitz while on vacation

    My 11.5 month old nursed all the time on vacation- every 2 or so hours during the day, and hourly at night. I am more exhausted after this vacation than I am when I am working fulltime. She usually nurses 4-5 times a day when we are home and zero to one time overnight, sleeping from 7pm to 6am.

    Is this common? Is it due to the stress of being in a new place? Was it because she was staying in the same room with me? I also noticed that she would do very well with someone else- my husband, or her grandparents or an aunt or uncle- but the moment she saw me, she began to push them away, reach for me and want to nurse. Then she would nurse for 5 minutes or so (if that) and be done.

    We got home late last night, and I am going straight back to enforcing the old routine of not nursing all day and all night.

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding blitz while on vacation

    I'm no expert by any means but I would bet it was being in a new place. She needed the extra comfort of mom I think it's probably good to try and get back to your normal routine. You don't want to go back to nursing all night long at home at this point!!

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding blitz while on vacation

    It could be the new place, the excitement and confusion of the holidays/vacation, the closeness at night, needing reassurance around new people, or maybe teething or impending illness....it's hard to say. They will usually give you clues as to what's going on but it isn't always easy to say for sure. It's OK to meet their needs during these times, even if you don't know the exact reason. Also, it's common behavior to make advances (socialize with new people, or practice new physical skills) but then want to check back in for reassurance.

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