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Thread: Solids & Nursing--How Much/Often in 7 Month Old?

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    Default Solids & Nursing--How Much/Often in 7 Month Old?


    I am uncertain as to how much and how often I should be feeding my 7.5-month-old daughter solid foods and breast milk. We introduced solids around 4.5 months, and she eats very well. Right now, she is nursing five times per day and eating two four-ounce feedings of solids (lunch and dinner). She is cutting back on the length of her nursing sessions. Does this mean she is getting ready to drop a nursing session, or should I decrease her solids?

    I'm not sure what is a good balance at this age between breast milk and solids. My first daughter was underweight--we fed her as much as she would eat to increase her weight--so, I am not sure how much an average-sized baby should be eating.

    I know each child is different, but any advice as to an approximate schedule for solids/breast milk would be appreaciated!

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    Default Re: Solids & Nursing--How Much/Often in 7 Month Old?

    You should always offer breastmilk before feeding the solids. I usually offer solids no longer than 45 minutes after she has eaten. Calorie for calorie breastmilk is best. Until age 1 year, the solids are for experimentation and play not calories and nutrition. I don't think what you are giving sounds like a ton but if she is not wanting to nurse as much because of it, you may want to cut back a little.

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    Default Re: Solids & Nursing--How Much/Often in 7 Month Old?

    My dd is 7.5 months old. She nurses 4-5 times during the day and then snacks more times in the night. She also eats 1 oz of food twice per day between nursings.
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    Default Re: Solids & Nursing--How Much/Often in 7 Month Old?

    I probably do things wrong according to some people here....My DD who is also 7.5 months old Breastfeeds 4-5 times per day or so..depending on the day...and for her breakfast i feed her solids first and than bf after...and also for supper I do the same. I feed her 4 tbls of cereal in the morning and than for lunch after I bf her i will aybe give her like 2-4 tbls solids, and than at supper i give her a 4 oz I believe jar of baby food mixed w/ some meat. and than BF her after that as well.

    I guess I think you just have to go by your child...if they seem hungry still feed more solids or add another bf'ing session...the more solids they take in, the less and less they will bf for tha tmeal

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