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Thread: What's the rule about caffine?

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    Smile Re: What's the rule about caffine?

    Here is good link with the amount of caffine listed for many different drinks.
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    Red face Re: What's the rule about caffine?

    With my daughter I tried to avoid all caffiene, although the rest of my diet could have been better. when i was pregnant with my son, i had developed a love for coffee and drank decaf during my pregnancy, with occasional regular. My son is now 17 months and I have 2 cups every day. It's either folgers or maxwell house, they make a "light" version with 1/2 the caffiene. I don't remimber how old my son was when I started drinking it after his birth, but I did stay off for a while after he was born. I think every child is different, some the caffiene will bother and others it won't, of course the older the child the less likely that it will bother him. My memory is comming back, my son had reflux, so I did stay off of it for a while, because my pedi advised me that since coffee is a stimulant, it would make his reflux worse. i have wondered if my drinking coffee during my pregnancy influenced his development of reflux. I don't drink any sodas, mainly just water.

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