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Thread: I thought we were past that!

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    Default I thought we were past that!

    It's been almost a year since we had breastfeeding problems. Now once again I am experiencing a stabbing, shooting pain in my right breast and some soreness in the left. Looking for some info and advice.


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    Default Re: I thought we were past that!

    sound like maybe a plugged duct....

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    Default Re: I thought we were past that!

    Dee, I can relate! Right now I am being treated for both thrush and mastitis! Good Lord, I thought I was past all this over a year ago also!
    If the pain is more like burning, not localized, gets worse after a feeding, and you don't notice a plugged duct, it could be thrush and not mastitis. I hope it's *just* a plugged duct or something less serious and you can work it out without a problem!


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