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Thread: 6 months old, cheerios?

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    Default 6 months old, cheerios?

    My son is six months old and has been eating solids since four months...
    He eats three meals a day and is still breastfeeding 6-8 times a day.
    He is still eating number 1 foods....when can he start eating number 2? and when can I introduce table food such as cheerios?

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    Default Re: 6 months old, cheerios?

    I started Cheerios right about that time....actually there is a thread called Cheerios in the solids section that has lots of great advice!! Do a search and I bet you'll find it. I also think you could start stage 2 foods.....there's not much of a difference from what I can tell. My DS is almost 9 months and is really more into finger foods (bananas, blueberries, cheerios, kix, gerber puffs, etc). We even tried pasta last night because he screams when we try to feed him baby food a lot of the time....he stops when you give him something to feed himself!

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    Default Re: 6 months old, cheerios?

    O's are good for LOs who have mastered the pincer grasp:

    rather than the palmar grasp:

    At about the same time the pincer grasp is mastered, the baby has the ability to do early chewing movements and won't just try to suck or swallow the O without processing it. Hope that helps

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    Default Re: 6 months old, cheerios?

    I agree with the PP on the cheerios. As for the 2nd foods, they are slightly thicker than 1st foods, but not enough for it to be any big deal at all. Just watch for the foods that have more than one ingredient (food allergies).


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