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Thread: Does ds need so much iron?

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    Default Does ds need so much iron?

    I have a couple questions about the vitamens added in rice/oat cereals. My ds is both formula and bf/about 50/50. He is just about six months and I have been giving him rice cereal for a few weeks. I also give him banana sometimes. Well the formula I give him has iron, and so does the cereal, so I am wondering if he needs so much iron? when I mix them together they smell awful-I tasted it, yuck...Such a strong iron aftertaste, ds doesn't mind, but I was thinking of giving him real rice/oats, seeing how they don't have all the added vitamens and additives, and I eat both nearly everyday. Seeing how he is only getting a couple of tablespoons a day it won't harm him will it? I know oatmeal is a good source of natural iron, so I thought that would be a good food to give him, any advice?

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    Default Re: Does ds need so much iron?

    Unless your ped. has noticed that your LO has an iron deficiency...or unless you do, so your LO may have inherited that, I don't think you need to worry about adding extra iron. As you said, the formula you give your baby does have added iron in it too.

    Lots of us don't even give baby rice cereal...or commercial baby cereal for that matter. Its not very good nutritionally other than the iron and vitamin D they add to it, its mostly just filler that has a couple of extra vitamins, and its convenient as it mixes to a smooth consistency.

    At 6 mos., you could be trying lots of other foods, including the bananas you already give plus, lots of other fruits and veggies. If you want to use the jarred foods, they'd be the stage 1 foods (although I believe a couple of manufacturers (including Gerber) offer strawberries in one of their early stage foods even though babies aren't supposed to have them until age 1 or 2...I forget...our ped. actually cautioned us about that one. If you don't mind squishing soft cooked veggies and fruits up with a fork for your little one, which is what we did at that age, or pureeing them, you can actually give regular fruits and veggies as long as they aren't salted too much or overly seasoned, and they're cooked soft. Some mommies also do babyled feeding, and there are threads about that in this section too.

    www.askdrsears.com has alot of good solid food suggestions for after 6 mos....here they are:bananas, pears, rice cereal, applesauce...after 7 mos., he suggests :avocados, mashed potatoes, peaches, barley cereal, carrots, squash, teething biscuits, pear and apple juice...just some suggestions.

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