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Thread: What is your shedule for LO - just curious

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    Default What is your shedule for LO - just curious

    I am curious what other people's daily schedules are for their 7-8 month old? I know all LO's are different, but I struggle with the whole schedule thing and trying to do it on my own. I feel like my DD would benefit from knowing what is going to happen during the day, but doing things at the same time each day. I work from home and we have a nanny, so I can instruct the nanny on when to do feed, go down for a nap, play, etc..

    My daughter wakes up in the morning and doesn't want to have anything to do with eating (BF, bottle or solids). She nurses sometimes at night, but last night she slept from 11:30 to 7:30 without nursing and I thought for sure she would be hungry, but no she wasn't.

    Also, how do you get your LO to BF or take a bottle while they are awake and not trying to go down for a nap. It drives me crazy that my DD won't eat while she is awake. Just curious if anyone has any tricks or secrets!

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    Default Re: What is your shedule for LO - just curious

    OMG sounds just like my 7month old DS.. Sorry this post won't be of much help except to tell you that I am going through the same thing/wondering the same thing... Usually doesn't want anything to do with eating when he is awake (I've posted several threads looking for tips on how to coax him into eating).. He's just too distracted it seems... I've tried every trick in the book and its still a constant battle to get him to eat during the day.. even when he has slept through the night when you would expect him to be the hungriest. Honestly there are days when I have absolutely NO IDEA where his wet diapers come from. As far as a schedule goes, my LO doesn't really have one in terms of eating, but he does 'sort of' have a sleeping schedule - but thats been developed based solely on his internal clock (ie I have never once tried to impose bedtime or naptime - he just does it all on his own)...

    Anyways, if you figure anything out - let me know!!


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