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Thread: very confused??

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    I started giving my dd whole milk w/ her breastmilk. But lastnight I got home and she nursed till she was sleeping (so I thought) so I let her stay attached for awhile then put her down she went nuts, then we repeated so I just figured she wanted to just comfort nurse so I let her for about an hour then she played and then we got ready for bed, she would nurse and get so mad and push away, so I put her down and she played for about an hour then she found a bottle and cried hysterically for it (she gets it while I'm gone) so I filled it with cows milk voila out like a light! did I make a booboo by doing this I don't want her to wean completely just off of my pumping sessions, I want to be able to nurse her whenever I'm home but she doesn't seem interested. So what do I do as far as giving her cow's milk how often and how much? I'm so upset and I don't want it to end so early (she's 11 months and 2 weeks old) please help!!

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    Does she drink out of a sippy cup...if so I would quit giving her the bottle at all in you presence. I have only once given dd a bottle while I was with her and that was on a plane ride. Otherwise, I never give her a bottle. Even if she wanted one I wouldn't give it to her...that leads to confusion!

    Dd gets cows milk (or soy milk, we drink both) on her cereal in the morning with my dh, and if I make it she gets it with expressed breastmilk. I understand your desire to be rid of the pump, but I have decided to stick it out for a while longer...she still drinks bottles at the sitters and until she is weaned from those, I will provide her with mommy milk (I am not implying you should too, though!). Anyway, if I were you I would stop giving in to her desire for the bottle...b/c I imagine it is actually a desire for the bottle and not the type of milk. If she wants it she can have it in a sippy cup when she is home. Or even better, just don't offer it...its boob or nothin' is my motto .

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    I really don't know how to handle this. it's driving me into tears but she has always gotten her milk in a bottle and juice or water in her cup I have tried giving her milk in a cup and she just uses it for thirst and really won't take much from it, as where me and her bottle are for comfort so I don't what to do but cry over it I guess and move on. But it's so soon who would have known it would have happened like this I will try again tonight to se how it goes

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