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Thread: She cried when I went to pick her up!

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    You are lucky to have such a good caregiver and fun playmate for your lo.

    My dd cries in the morning when I drop her off at dc and leaps into my arms (and stays there) as soon as she gets home. She even cries when dh tries to cuddle her! Sometimes I wish she were a little more independent . But I realize these are all phases. Someone told me separation anxiety peaks at 18 months (next month!). Gosh I hope so!

    Next week your daughter will probably be velcro baby and mine will be running away from me. It is interesting to watch them going through these little cycles of push and pull.

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    DS definitely acted similarly sometimes back when he was going to the DCP, although we weren't nursing anymore by that time. Some days he did not want to leave, and somedays he was eager to. I tried not to take it personally. Usually, when I picked him up, I would sit down and play for a little while and talk to the sitter about the day's events. I think that little transition time helped.
    I hope you have an "up" day to make you feel better after the down day!


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    Just wanted to let you know that I've BTDT - DS did that a few times when he was in daycare and it does break your heart. But know that YOU are by far the most important person in her life and she feels secure knowing that you'll always be there. The toys at daycare however, THOSE may not be there for her tomorrow (in her little mind)! So she was willing to let you wait so that she could finish her playing session. Feel good that she feels secure enough to not be clingy and over-dependent on you! You're a great mommy!


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    So I finally found the solution, or the cause, depending on how you look at it. I really think it was transition anxiety. She has cried every night when I went to pick her up since I first posted this. And last night I decided I was going to go there and visit and play with the girls for as long as I needed for her to want me/need me. I stayed for 30 minutes, and she had a meltdown and came running to my arms. And we packed up and went home, where we nursed for a very long time (rare for us). Today, it only took 20 minutes before she was in my arms and wanting me. It was amazing. And this morning when I dropped her off she cried when I left, which sucked, but was amazing at the same time. So I think she just needed me to stay there at night and play with the girls, to help her to transition back into her "other world". I just thought I would pass this on for other mothers who might be going through similar things.

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