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Thread: getting through teething

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    my son is 16 months and he has about ten teeth. they came very slowly and then they all started coming in. he is teething now, actually. really for me there wasn't much of a difference other than increased nursing at night. yes he has bitten me but he is doing it for a reaction, the little stinker! so from my experience, every child is different and you won't really know until you get there. i often look to other cultures for answers....would another culture still be feeding their young if they were teething? yes, but i realize this approach doesn't work with everyone. good luck!

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    Honestly, in all my experience (-thus far), I have never had a situation with either of my sons where teething interfered with breastfeeding.
    Whenever a person asks me "oh, doesn't he bite you?---Now that he has teeth?" (ref. to my now 21 month old)
    I say "no...(?)" .
    Usually the question is posed by women who have never breastfed.

    Some bottle-feeding mothers have told me that they feared being bitten, (...among other things) so they did not breastfeed.
    A few women started breastfeeding, but weaned early because of that very fear.

    Each of my boys may have bitten me in a "playful" way, or to test my reaction, but this only happened once or twice, and was not associated with teething (...they simply looked up at me with bright eyes and smirky faces while pinching my nipple between their teeth. )
    On those rare occasions,I of course gave a gently stern "NO, that's Ouchie!-Please don't hurt mama" . Each boy seemed to take it to heart, and neither persisted.
    Perhaps some nursing mothers have experienced ongoing problems with teething/biting...however, it is hard for me to imagine a baby could maintain a good latch WHILE biting...
    I can't imagine this being cause for weaning, but that is just me...

    Perhaps you should not assume/anticipate teething related "biting" issues an unavoidable hazard of nursing. Maybe if you simply "go with the flow", breastfeed for as long as you can, and wait and see what happens...you may be pleasantly surprised!

    ...It would be such a shame to quit nursing prematurely merley to avoid a "potential" issue that probably won't even come to pass! And, as you have read in the other posts from these fantastic women, --even those who had a bump (or a gnaw or a chomp) along the way, when it does happen,it is a phase that does not last forever. With love and dedication and a bit of patience it can be overcome. It is definitely WORTH the effort. Worth it for mother and baby.

    Let things happen naturally and address issues as they occur, would be my advice.
    I did just that, and will always cherish the 2&1/2 years I nursed my first son.
    I plan on nursing my second ALSO for as long as I can/ as long as he needs me.

    Nursing a toddler is a wonderful experience for both mother and child, and I feel so sad that some mothers and babies miss out on that ---due, in part, to unnecessary fears, anxieties, (and in some cases paranoia)-- about all the "what ifs"...

    Good luck!
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