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Thread: pinching toes and up your nose

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    Default pinching toes and up your nose

    After I wrote the note on grieving, I thought I would write about all the things I love about nursing. My son was 2 in November and at this age, he's definately a little person. This is funny because we actually talk while we nurse. so here are a few of my favs about nursing at this age:

    I love that if I am lying in bed on my side, He pinches my other nipple with his toes.
    I love when he sticks his fingers up my nose while he's nursing
    I love how we make funny sounds EXCLUSIVELY while we're nursing
    I love that he stares so intently at my face, even when I don't notice. He knows every molecule of my face.
    I love smelling him when we nurse and even when he's dirty or sweaty, the smell is so sweet.
    I love that he knows its not a good idea to "get the baba's" in public now
    I love when he tries to talk with a mouth full when he's nursing.
    I love when he climbs in my lap and asks, "can i dink a baba's?" and smiles and cocks his head.
    I love that I am the only person who can comfort him by breast when he is sick or hurt.
    I love how he has to constantly play with the other "baba" when he's nursing.
    I love that he is so smart and well balanced emotionally due to nursing
    I love knowing that when he's a grown man with kids of his own, he will love women and treat them well because he loves his mommy, thanks in huge part to breastfeeding.....

    So these are some of the things I love about nursing....Gen

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    Default Re: pinching toes and up your nose

    my newest nursling is only 4 months old, but i stumbled on your post and had to reply...(it made me shed some very happy tears-by the way)

    my ds just started smiling while nursing (he has the most beautiful dimples)

    we also have a special "talk" while he nurses-sometimes he gets so excited and has so much to say that he dribbles milkies everywhere

    it is sooo good to hear other people talk about nursing as a way of life for them, not just a way for their baby to eat. i recently had to explain (again) to my mil about our choices for our family. we took down ds crib (he hasn't ever even napped in it, and it takes up too much room). she wants to know "when he will be in it" i said, probably never, salvatore went from our bed to his own "big boy bed", then she went on the bf tirad of when he will wean- i finally said-jeez, he JUST started nursing, don't talk about when he will stop...anyway, loved your post...

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    Default Re: pinching toes and up your nose

    I liked reading your post also. It made me think of a few things that make me smile when my 16 month old nurses.

    Sometimes when he asks for milk and I say yes, he gets so excited and happy. He'll bounce and seem to do a little happy dance.

    When I pull my shirt up to unlatch my bra, he'll bend down and act like he's getting my belly. I'll tell him no, no, no and act like it tickles and he'll just giggle.

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