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Thread: a night to remember

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    Smile a night to remember

    Dear fellow bf moms,

    A year ago tonight was one of the most amazing nights of my life. At 8:34 pm I went into labor. My mother had just flown in from out of town and we all went out for Mexican After that we walked around Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, and Linens N' Things. ( When you're 9 mo pregnant, not an easy feat!)

    Then we came home and started watching the movie "Sahara". Minutes into the movie I felt my first contraction. I didn't say anything because I had had alot of pre-labor. An hour into the movie I had this killer contraction. I went to the bathroom and part of my plug had come out. I came out and announced to my mom and husband that it was time. They finished the movie without me yep, while I paced the house, they acted as if nothing was happening! lol When the movie was over we called two of our dear friends and they came over to witness our home-birth. AFter 8 hrs of labor, only 2-3 of them intense, my son burst into the world and our lives were forever changed.

    Now as I type this my "little baby" is crawling around the floor talking to himself and playing with some John Deer tracktors. He's laughing, taking his first steps, and eating anything I put infront of him. Where did my little baby go? This night a year ago was so healing for me...I had lost my dad in a plane crash four years before and my mom and I had had a really strained relationship...having my mom and husband there while undergoing the most excruciating pains ever and then coming out triumphant it was like dying and rising again. Now I'm here with just my son...my husband is at work and my mom is thousands of miles away. Its sad, but also I feel a spark of joy and hope at what is to come...we're ttc again and will be moving to someplace unknown in a few months...life is good.

    Thank you all so much for being such a support through all the mastitis, plugged ducts, fertility issues, and sleepless nights...this forum has been my lifeline on more than one occasion.

    Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!! Here's to many more months of nursing!
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    Awwww! Happy birthday little man!
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    Default Re: a night to remember

    Congratulations on a year and Happy Birthday to your little guy

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    Red face Re: a night to remember

    Your post brought tears to my eyes.

    I know how you feel. My 1st baby will be 3 in just one month. And I get so upset some days trying to care for myself, my toddler and my high needs newborn that I can't wait for him to grow up some, but then I looka t my 3 year old and rememebr him being this small what seems like just a couple of months ago . . . mant he time flies doesn't it!

    Happy birthday to your LO

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    Happy belated birthday Isaiah!!
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    Yes, happy birthday! These 1st years birthdays seem to be coming one right after the other. Congrats! (and good luck on the next one).

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    I didn't realize how close our boys were! I feel like I met you on a wonderful thread where Annie & I convinced you your baby COULD feed himself! I know exactly how you feel! I also feel ready for another Congratulations on making it a year and good luck on #2!

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    Happy birthday, Isaiah! Yes, there have been a lot of first birthdays lately! I have learned so much from all you "less experienced" moms!
    Good luck ttc!


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    Thank you all so much for your replies...whenever dh comes in the room and sees me on this site he says "ahh, talking to all your LLL friends huh?" Its funny to hear him refer to everyone on this site as my "friends" when we dont even "know" each other, but I tell you, I trust and respect the opinions and advice of all you moms more than I do most of my "real" friends!
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