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Thread: clicking sound when nursing

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    This is my second child and my second time to breastfeed. We've moved, so there is not any active support groups around where I live. My question is this, is it normal for my 1 wk. old baby to be making clicking sounds when nursing? Could this be one of the reasons I am so sore?

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    Usually clicking sounds are the result of an overactive letdown or overactive mer (milk ejection reflex), poor latch or engorgement, and yes, it can definitely cause nipple soreness. Kellymom, a non-LLL website, has some good information on clicking sounds while nursing along with some great causes and remedies. I hope this helps!


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    My dd clicked while she nursed and I had an LC come out to take a look at her nursing, and she was doing nothing wrong. Around 4 months, the clicking stopped. Not sure what it was from.

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    I've had overactive letdown challenges (you often see it on this forum as OALD). When my LO was newborn he had problems the flow and would either pull off to avoid the worst of the letdown (with me catching the spray in a burp cloth) or use his tounge to adjust the flow he was getting (the clicking noise). At 5mo I've gotten better at managing my supply, and LO has gotten better at occasionally "drinking out of a fire hose". When I do have a huge letdown LO can usually keep up but sometimes pulls off and waits until the spray is over. If her gets too much of a mouthful, sometimes he'll also pull off and cough.
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    My LO also clicked when we started to BF but I was told by my LC that she was not latched on correctly. My nipples were also very sore but after working on her latch, she stopped clicking and my nipples felt soo much better!

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    My daughter is 2 months, and I get the clicking as well. I have been told that she will grow out of it, and it does seem to be getting less frequent as time goes on. As for the pain, that will definitely pass soon. I was in pain for about the first 3 weeks, and my hospital's lactation department gave me some healing film called Vigilon to keep on my nipples between feedings. It was a combination of her getting bigger and me toughening up that finally put the pain behind us, and a poor suction can definitely make it worse.

    Hang in there. As everyone says, it really does get easier, and we are actually enjoying nursing now. For the first few weeks, I thought I would never make it this far. Now I am confident about nursing and pump-bottle feeding (i.e., exclusively giving her breastmilk) for her entire first year. At one week, the very thought of a whole year of it made me cringe.

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    Hi there

    As the PP's have indicated, clicking sounds are definitely an indication that something is wrong with the baby's latch. Please contact a local LLL Leader (see the link in my signature) or IBCLC to get some in-person help. In the meantime, you may find the following (non-LLL) website helpful. There are several videos showing a proper latch:


    Hang in there!
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    Default Re: clicking sound when nursing

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    My dd made a clicking noise in the beginning due to poor latch. I was told it happens when the seal is broken. Remove the baby and latch again. Here are some links that might help. In the beginning the football hold really helped us.


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