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Thread: Hind milk, fore milk, how to pump seperately.

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    When you take the bottle out of the fridge, it is recommended that you swirl the milk rather than shake it. This is because shaking it can denature the amino acids. Same with freezing or boiling the milk. The milk's still good even if you've shaken it, it's just better if you swirl Here is a link to an article about this (non-LLL source)

    Shaking or swirling, though, won't affect the calorie and fat content of the milk. As long as your LO is drinking the whole thing, then they're getting all the good stuff.

    As long as your LO is gaining within the wide range of normal and having enough wet and poopy diapers you're fine

    Hope that helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JulieSC1 View Post
    Hello! I'm new here. Question? When I give my daughter a bottle of my milk, I take the milk out of the fridge and shake it so that the separtion of fat gets mixed in to the milk. Should I do this? Or should I just feed my daughter the bottle without shaking it? I thought I was doing good by mixing the fat so it is all balanced, but if leaving the fat on top will ensure more calories - maybe i should change.

    p.s. My daughter is gaining weight, but is the hind milk better?
    My milk separates also - you want to mix it all back together. BUT - it's better to gently swirl your milk rather than shake it:
    Breast milk is a "living" liquid so shaking it breaks apart some of the "good" compounds. Shaken milk isn't "bad" ... but it's better to swirl. If my stored milk has alot of fat stuck to the sides of the storage bottle, I roll it between my hands to warm it up, or run the bottle under some warm (not hot!) water to get the fat to melt.
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    Thank ya'll for replying...I'll swirl for now on.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LLL_Jolie View Post
    You can skim off the hindmilk to offer a higher calorie milk. Talk to your doctor about your baby's caloric and fluid needs, as skimming the "cream" off the top would change the fluid/fat ratio that your baby will be taking in.
    For added calories for my DD I was skimming the fat of the milk and giving it to her via her G-Button in a syrange, it is totally possiable to do. She though nursed and the milk I was skimming was extra that she would not take. Good Luck and keep us posted.

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