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Thread: Is my baby too big?

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    Default Is my baby too big?

    my baby birth weight is 3.465 kg. 50 cm long. now she is one and a half mth old she weight 5.1kg. 55 cm long. is she over weight? i am breast feeding her.
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    Nope growth charts are more for formula feed babies.
    If the baby is having the wet diapars and poopy ones that it need everything should be fine.
    Breastfeed babies tend to grow very fast at 1st and then level out by the time they turn one and start getting around better on their own.
    Then they will grow taller and get leaner.

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    Yep, despite popular beliefs of bf babies being "skinny"...most bf babies I've seen (including my own) have been very chubby. This is completely normal and healthy. So, as long as your baby looks happy, healthy, and is growing well...with the poopy and wet diapers...all is good.

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    I do not know the metric equivalent, but my baby was born at 8 pounds, 14 ounces; left the hospital at 8/3, by three weeks was 10/5 and at 2 months is now 13/2...she is in the 95th percentile for weight! She has never ingested anything but breast milk and she is as round and full as they come.

    Her pediatrician assures me that she is perfect, and thriving in every way. She has no concerns at all about her weight. The biggest positive to having a big baby is that she is already sleeping through the night (i.e. up to 6.5 hours most nights), which the doc credits to her healthy size.

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    For you non-metrics out there, that's a weight gain of 3.5 pounds in a month and a half. (1 lb = 2.2 kg).

    That's a great weight gain! Don't worry too much about her weight at this point, especially since you are exclusively breastfeeding. Many breastfeeding mothers find that their babies gain weight very rapidly in the first few months of life and then level off around the time they get mobile.

    We had a mother at one of our LLL meetings with a 15 kg (33 lb) 8 month old! I saw her again when the baby was nearly 2 and he still weighed the same, but had grown significantly taller!

    No worries!
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