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Thread: Friend who didn't give breastfeeding a chance

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    It is untrue that if you don't have a baby you can't be a breastfeeding advocate. You may not be able to speak from experience, but I hope that my dd will be an advocate for breastfeeding when she is old enough to be. I hope that my dh is an advocate. I hope that my mom and dad are too (even though my mother didn't breastfeed us due to her own ignorance and lack of help). I think we all need to be advocates...and it saddens me that someone didn't even give it a try. That is my problem with formula...if it weren't available for those people, they woudln't be able to choose the unnatural way. I just don't understand it...but that's me. Anyway, I hope that even though there are people out there that haven't yet breastfed a baby, or that never will, who are so inclined to give a breastfeeding mother a comforting nod in an airport, who are so amazed by the glory of breastfeeding to tell an expecting mother that it is possible and normal and wonderful, and who are so in awe of it to ask questions of the nursing mother rather than just continue in their ignorance. That is my hope!

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    i have to admit that i was not in favor of breast-feeding ever. before i was pregnant with my son, the thought of my breast feeding a baby grossed me out. i was fine with anyone choosing to breastfeed their child as long as it wasn't me. i associated breast with sex. when i found out that i was pregnant(by accident, the pregnancy), i had planned on formula feeding. the thought of breast-feeding never entered my mind. then, my two best friends convinced me to breast-feed. i agreed to it but yet i was dreading every minute of it. i hadn't read up on breast-feeding ever and still couldn't watch videos of other moms BF. i admit that i chose to BF b/c it would benefit me also. the first couple days into BF, i wanted to quit every minute but i stuck it out b/c of all the materials that i was starting to read about the many benefits of BF. 8 1/2 months later, i'm loving it!!!!! i'm still working mom and still bf my 8 1/2 month old son and very proud of myself.
    i say all this to say that most people are not very informed about BF and unless they are encouraged by their loved ones to try it out, they won't. i would never have BF if it weren't for my friends. we should all encouraged the people we love to at least try it out.

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    Thanks for your feedback ladies. In terms of not being a promotor, it does relate to not having experience with breastfeeding so I really couldn't talk it up as much as I would had I already been through it.
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