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Thread: Help please - baby refusing breast

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    Hey there,
    All of you breastfeeding gurus - I need your help!
    My six-and-a-half week old has been increasingly fussy at the breast lately. He is on formula top-ups because of poor weight gain, and has been since he was about two weeks old. His fussiness started several weeks ago, but he wasn't unhappy at every feed.
    I did everything I could to increase my supply (taking natural galactagogues, ensuring I drank plenty of fluids, and using an electric pump to stimulate supply) but actually it kind of doesn't seem to be a supply issue, so maybe a transfer problem? Anyway, that's why he's on the formula top-ups (my first ds was the same - poor weight gain and eventually, at 3 months, when he was really quite skinny, I added formula to his diet and that made all the difference)
    We went to a paediatrician to follow-up after introducing the formula top-up and his gains were good at that point but the paed suggested it *might* be reflux that was causing his distress so gave us a prescription for Losec (which we haven't filled out as we are still not convinced that he fits the description of a reflux baby).
    But over the past few days, Matteo has been screaming as soon as he gets onto the breast for the majority of feeds - doesn't seem to be frustration at not getting enough, as sometimes he is gulping as I have a big let-down and there's plenty there for the taking (and also not distress at the heavy let-down as he also will scream and pull off in between let-downs).
    It doesn't seem to be related to what I'm eating, as he'll happily take EBM from a bottle...
    I'm at my wit's end. dh keeps suggesting that Matteo is hungry, which I know he is - but he wants me to give him more and more formula and I think that'll spell the end of my breastfeeding.
    Any advice? I really feel adrift with all this, and the timing couldn't be worse; where am I going to find a lactation consultant on Christmas?! Also, I'm not even sure if a lactation consultant would be able to help, because what if it is reflux after all?
    TIA for any help anyone can give!
    Merry Christmas!

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    Default Re: Help please - baby refusing breast

    somebabies have a hard time going between bottles and the breast.
    heres some info on getting baby back to the breast.

    Have you thought about using a diffent feeding mythod besides the bottle to feed the suppliments? SO that he gets all his sucking needs at the breast.

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