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Thread: No teeth?!

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    Default No teeth?!

    Just looking for suggestions on what kind of solids to start my boys on. They will be 5 months the 29th and I would love to start exploring but they don't have any teeth. I'm not sure that I will be trying baby cereals. I just feel so bad when they sit at the table with us and eyes all bugged out of their heads .lol...cuz they see the food going into our mouths! They look like they want to tear some food UP! They also seem like they are teething so I wonder if something hard for the gums might feel good to them...but is it safe?

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    Two things....I wouldn't worry about starting solids just yet, being that your twins are only 5 months old. The other thing is that the presence of teeth doesn't necessarily mean that your twins wouldn't be ready for food. Make sense? My twins had a lot of teeth by the time they were a year old. However, they couldn't do any finger foods until well after that--they just couldn't get the hang of chewing the food. My singleton, on the other hand, started with finger foods right off the bat, and had fewer teeth! He just mashes them up with his gums.



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    Unlike grandmas gums that have no teeth under them, your los do, so they can chew up chunks of food easier. When Mia started acting interested in participating at dinner, we gave her a sippy to play with. Of course you end up picking it up 500 times but it does work and helps them to feel involved. Here are some links for you.





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