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    Hiya I am new to breastfeeding - Tyler was born on 13th Dec. I failed the previous 3 times, but touch wood - so far so good. I was just wondering if Tyler is having too many dirty nappies....................... He feeds every 3-4 hours but has probably twice the amount of dirty nappies and they are runny, yellow in colour. Is this normal?
    Any advice very much appreciated,
    Many Thanks

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    runny and yellow are all normal. I would say as long as he is having the minimum amounts of wets/dirties then thats whats important. He is apparently getting enough in to cause him to go. Much luck this time around
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    sounds great... 3 or more poops the size of a quarter a day...

    heres a link to tell if your baby is getting the milk they need.
    as baby gets older he will start to poop less often.

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