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Thread: Feeding a Refluxer

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    Default Feeding a Refluxer

    Yesterday and last night my 3 week old son has been feeding poorly, I think. He will nurse for about 8-10 minutes, and then need to burp, fall asleep, or something else, and then when I try to have him eat more, he cries. I am trying every conceivable position to feed him in. I think he is in pain when I try to feed him more. But I just don't think 10 minutes is enough? I think maybe he is having a bad day/night with reflux, but am also concerned its the paci/nipple confusion. But I don't think that would lead to crying? He will take the paci sometimes because hes able to be in whatever position he wants to suck it.

    I noticed that it also affected his sleep last night. Or maybe it was the reflux that affected his sleep. Any tips on breastfeeding?

    His diaper output for wets/dirties is totally fine, btw. His weight gain has been fine up to his 2 week check up, but we weren't having those feeding issues.

    Should I just accept the amount he eats, but wake him more often to feed?



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    Default Re: Feeding a Refluxer

    heres a good link

    don't be afraid to call your local leader she can help you beter then we can on-line. LEaders are around to help.
    3 weeks is a prime time for a growth spurt where they want to cluster feed and just eat more often. Sometimes they will be fussy and you cann't figure out why.
    Keep nursing on demand! Some babies it takes a long time to figure out.
    One off theese nights both you and baby will just get it and things will get easier.
    Dr sears has a great web site with ideas on how to calm fussy babies.


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    Default Re: Feeding a Refluxer

    I didn't know that was reflux. My son does the same thing. He gained 2 lbs at his 2-week visit... a pound a week later... and 2 lbs. again 2 weeks later.

    What I have found is that he just wakes up sooner when an episode like that happens. I found it better to let him rest and pass the gas. I don't know if this is a LL faux-pas, but a few times I have pumped and fed him from a bottle (he actually takes in less air, b/c I'm having trouble getting good latches). When I've done this he has eaten up to 5 ounces and it helps "push the gass" through. I think this has helped his steady weight gain as well.

    Yes... I feel like a failure when the bottle works better than my breast and I've been tempted to just pump for him. At the end of the day I've found a good balance, I'm committed to breastfeeding, the bottle is just an emergency tool that I use when I feel that he is not eating enough.

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