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    I am wondering if my milk supply is enough. It seems like for some feedings I have enough, my breasts feel full and tight and then other times it feels like there is nothing in them, they are very soft. It seems like they are more full after I have supplemented the previous feeding, leaving 4 hours between breastfeeding. When I pump it is also not consistent, sometimes I pump quite a bit (100ml, I think that is a lot, maybe I'm wrong) and other times I pump only 10 ml. I have a 3 week old who was born 3 weeks early at 4lbs 5 oz, so in the very beginning I needed to supplement to get his weight up. Now he is at 6lbs, 5oz and I would really like to only breast feed, not supplement with formula. How can I get my supply to be more consistent?

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    What you are noticing is completely normal. Even though your breasts are soft your baby is still getting milk. It's completely normal for your breasts to feel more full during the morning and less full in the evenings. Here's a link about low supply. You might find the section "Is my supply really low?" especially helpful. It talks about some of the normal things about bfing that sometimes make moms think they have low supply. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/lo...ly.html#supply

    Here's a link about weaning from supplements. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/decrease-formula.html

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    Totally normal!

    Your breasts don't have to feel full in order for there to be plenty of milk there. In fact, milk is being made even as your baby nurses! The breast is never truly empty (it would be like trying to empty a river ) and your breasts do NOT need time to "refill" inbetween feedings.

    The best thing you can do for your milk production (and your baby!) is feed frequently (at least 8x in 24 hours) and allow your baby to finish the first breast (come off on his own) before feeding on the other side.

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