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Thread: Amazed and Emotional!

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    Only this week I posted a thread looking for advise about my 24 month old son. I received some very helpful feedback. I decided not to cut back on his feeds or wean him from any feeds but to try and get him to sleep without suckling.
    I am happy to say that this has been successful. I have not offerred the breast before bed although I do feed him if he asks but I have changed the routine, we do not feed in bed but rather in the living room before bed. I then lie with him in his own bed with my jumper on and he falls asleep in his own time with lots of cuddles, singing and story-telling and with no tears. This has happened the past four nights and amazingly and for the first time ever he is sleeping until around 5am where he shouts for me and I bring him into my bed for a feed.
    He is also asking for more feeds during the day I have noticed since this change, he fed little before this but he does so with a smile on his face as if he is testing to see if I will allow him a feed, latches on for literally seconds, tell me he is 'all done' and gets on with his play.
    Interestingly I really miss him in bed with us and rush to his room as soon as I hear him stir to bring him into bed with me and his daddy!
    Has anyone else felt this way I actually feel quite emotional, he may be ready for the change but maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought?

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    Congratulations! What a sweet and gentle transition. There is so much emotional growth at two years old! In some ways, the leaps they take are more amazing than rolling over and crawling.

    After I nightweaned (I'm so glad you could do it without tears - I didn't manage that) she slept through the night for a couple weeks. I couldn't sleep at all, I missed her so much. When she started waking again, she settled for cuddles and I love her cuddles. Then I moved the bedtime nursing just like you did to the living room. Then I eliminated it and now it feels like something's missing at night. We only nurse two times a day now. Yesterday it was only once. The happiest part for me is that when I eliminated the bedtime nursing, she was fine with it and it was so easy (wouldn't have been only two months earlier) that I feel she was ready. I didn't even expect to be successful - just thought we'd give it a try. I'm a silly mom because now I'm trying to find a way to eliminate the nightime cuddles. I really want to encourage her to sleep throught the night again, and to fall asleep without putting ME to sleep. (want a little time alone to cuddle DH too!) But I'll be a wreck when its gone... I keep saying things like, after the holidays... after she's weaned.... after she graduates...

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