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Thread: 12 Days and Still No Milk

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    Some encouraging(?) news is that my son has been latching on a little more lately, but still doesnt stay on long. Im still trying...

    To answer the last question, I didnt experience any severe bleeding or any high-volume blood loss. They havent checked me for retained placental fragments either. My doctors havent checked for anything yet.

    Could my infection be causing a problem?

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    It's not super likely that the infection is causing the problem. I'd suggest you talk to your OB/GYN and see if there might be some retained placenta in your uterus. Having no milk can by a symptom of that. Some women with this problem also experience heavier-than-usual postpartum bleeding.

    Did you ever have colostrum? Do you have ANY milk at all when you squeeze the breast or if you pump?

    I'd also suggest that you see an IBCLC. I'm sorry that we don't have many answers for you here.

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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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    A friend needed to supplement when she was nursing her twins and they gave her some contraption that holds bottles and she would tape these tubes by her nipples...so when the twins nursed, they got the breastmilk and the supplement.

    Have you looked into something like that? He would be getting what he needs food-wise and you would be breastfeeding him...and he would be stimulating your breasts.

    I agree with the moderator...get checked for placental fragments.

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    I woulldn't want to be redundant if you already had tried these things, but normally there are some ways to stimulate your bb to latch on. I did the old "take a warm bath together" trick. They seem to really like skin on skin- so I hiked up the heater to like a million degrees and popped into the bath and with a little bit of help from a friend (mom) he was soon rooting around on my chest. It was a big relief then.
    Also i agree with ppl about just keep placing him to the breast, over and over in a gentle happy way.
    good luck!

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