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Thread: help! Whats the cause?

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    Default help! Whats the cause?

    baby has bright red ring around anus! allergy or diaper rash? Took a nice warm bath with ds this morning- didn't help. looks really ouchy. How can you tell what it is when you'venever seen diaper rash??? bb nursing like crazy- think its pain mngment help.

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    Default Re: help! Whats the cause?

    I have heard that an allergy can do this, but it may just be diaper rash. If it's not getting better within a few days, you may want to evaluate your diet. Eat anything new within the past few days that could have caused it.
    Here's a rash link.

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    Sounds like it could be thrush to me (yeast infection)... any white spots around the inside of baby's mouth? or any nipple pain on your part? Hope you can get it sorted out soon!

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