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Thread: help with finger foods

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    Can someone give me ideas on how to prepare and what to give for finger foods for my 9m old? The easier the better, since I work full time and don't have much extra time when we get home (I'd rather spend it with DS!) Especially any veggie ideas, but really anything other than carbs. He is starting to refuse the spoon, and isn't a huge fan of solids (only gets one meal a day, sometimes 2 on weekends).

    So far all we've done for self-feeding is o's cereal and cut up banana (which frustrated him b/c it was slimy and hard to pick up). I thought some smashed peas might be good, but what kind do I use? Frozen, canned? I guess fresh aren't really an option now.

    The more ideas the better! Thanks in advance

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    Hi! Here are some veggie finger foods that worked well with my daughter when she was starting to self-feed: bite-sized chunks of cooked carrots, soft squash, yams, sweet potatoes, very soft green beans, and lightly mashed kidney beans or green peas. All these things are soft enough to be readily gummable, but resistant enough that they can be picked up pretty easily without turning into mush. Good luck, and get ready to do more laundry, because when they start self-feeding, it goes everywhere. Especially the floor!

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    We also do cooked apple, pears, and fresh cut avacado in addition to the veggies the pp listed. I would use frozen. The canned has added salt.

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