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Thread: I made it! - One year and neither of us are ready to stop

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    Talking I made it! - One year and neither of us are ready to stop

    My goal was one year. At 9 and 11 weeks I still despised, loathed, abhored - you name it, wanted no part of this nursing thing. By four months I almost called it quits. By five months, I became tolerant, and by six months I was hooked. Now, at one year, I don't think either one of us wants to stop. I can't even believe I made it. Thank you to all the ladies out there that helped me make it!!!! I am so exhausted. My little one has only slept through the night once. He still gets up for a midnight feeding. I have adjusted to the lift-up and roll-over, half-awake/sleep that I consider my sleep. However, I thought he would start nursing less, and in the last few days he has seemed to regress. Today, he nursed almost every two hours all day - and pretty close to that yesterday too.

    What do I do? I don't know how I feel about giving him water. He gets very upset when I just try to cuddle instead of nurse. They eventually wean themselves don't they???????

    Open to suggestions - and I am in grad school and work full time, so . . . I unfortunately don't have time to read any more!

    Thanks again for all the help ladies!

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    Default Re: I made it! - One year and neither of us are ready to stop

    They do self wean.
    I say if its working keep doing it. And if baby is getting any solid foods they are slowly weaning on their own anyways.
    my 3 year old gets up a night also, so baby might wake at night even if weaned.
    Great job mom!

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    Default Re: I made it! - One year and neither of us are ready to stop

    Congratulations on making it a year!

    When you are talking about the water thing, are you referring to the night feeding? Is he only waking once at night to feed, or many times? My DS never slept through the night, either, until I night weaned him at 13 months. I will say, though, that although my DS sleeps better on the whole, he still wakes at night occasionally, so night weaning doesn't necessarily mean a good night's sleep.


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    Default Re: I made it! - One year and neither of us are ready to stop

    We just hit the one year mark too, and I have to say that she still nurses just as much as she did when she was 2 months old...every 2 hours, day and night. I get tired too, but most of the time I am able to adjust. Anyway...I know you said you really don't have much time for reading, but the book How Weaning Happens is encouraging and wonderful, for anyone that is considering child led weaning.

    Great job!

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    Default Re: I made it! - One year and neither of us are ready to stop

    Congrats and happy birthday to your son! My son also turned one this month -- what a big big day!!!!! Continuing to nurse while working and studying is really a challenge (I should know, I'm an adademic myself). You should count yourself likely if he only wakes up once in a night -- mine is still waking several times to nurse and we've just switched him from crib to our bed to deal with it after trying a number of different things. I'm planning to wean gradually over the next year, mostly by following his lead and encouraging him to eat more fun solids. I'm really eager to stop pumping at the office, but not quite ready to give that up until I think he is a more efficient solid eater duing the day. I'll also continue bedtime nursing sessions for as long as he wants them In any case, pat yourselves on the backs for a job well done!


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    Default Re: I made it! - One year and neither of us are ready to stop

    My ds will be a year next week and I finally got to the point last month that I needed to night wean because I was loosing too much weight from the insane amt he nurses and my inability to keep up (I was small to begin with). So I did "The Sleep Lady" method where first I moved his crib into our room (we had co-slept) and nursed him to sleep and put him in then when he woke up for his 3 am feeding I went to him, whispered, "no no, night night time" gave him a hug and laid him back down. He freaked. I stayed by his crib patting him on the back every now and then and whispering I love you and go night night to him. I couldn't believe it, but after only 14 min he passed out!!! He woke up two hours later at 5:30 so I nursed him. The next night he slept all the way to 5 :30! But then every once and awhile he would regress, seemed like he was testing the new system...so every time he would wake up before 5, I would lay him back down and say "it's still night night time" at first he didn't like it, but now its like he gets it. If he wakes up and I tell him that he kinda fusses, but lays back down and goes back to sleep! Anyhow, after only a month my little man now goes to bed at 7:30 and sleeps all the way until 5:30/6 without nursing!!! I feel like a new woman...so rested. After that night training, its like he started to feel proud and more independent because he now eats so well during the day and goes around 4 hrs between nursing. He's more active, happier, and seems more outgoing. Anyhow, if your interested on the details of the sleep training method, you can pm me and I'll let you know. Otherwise, hang in there and trust your instincts...he won't be nursing on his wedding day
    oh yes, and CONGRATS!!!

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    Default Re: I made it! - One year and neither of us are ready to stop

    Thanks all!

    Melanie, I would love more info. I have tried putting him off, to no avail. He gets so angry and worked up, he even starts shaking. So, please, I would love if you shared more. ? What is pm? a way to message you?

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