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Thread: Weaning from breast pump?

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    Default Weaning from breast pump?

    Hi I am new, and I hope someone can help me with my question. . . Six months ago I had a baby girl. She did great at the hospital with breast feeding, however when my milk came in she had a hard time feeding because of the changing shape of my engorged breasts. It was hard watching this tiny baby trying so hard to find her food source. She would try so hard she would sound like a little pig. I went to the pump that I bought and never looked back. She did great eating and all I cared about was that she was getting breast milk. I met my goal of six months and now I am trying to wean, but how to do wean from a pump. I had five pumps, and I went down to four pumps, and so on. I am now at two pumps a day, morning and night. My breasts are still tender and night, and I feel like I will not ever be able to go to just one pump and then none. Am I doing to correct or am I missing something? Thanks for any suggestions.

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    When you get to this point, you might find it easier to decrease the total amount of time you pump vs. dropping 1 of the two pumpings. Once your production slows down more, you could then try dropping one session. Wait a few days, further decrease the time pumped, and drop the final pumping session.

    In the meanwhile, your baby will get continued benefits from the milk you're pumping.

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