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Thread: Fussy baby HELP!

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    Default Fussy baby HELP!

    My son is 3 wks old (third child). He was happy as could be until this past week, and now it's all I can do to comfort him every hour of the day (including all through the night). I breastfeed him exclusively, and he's been a pro since Day One. He is off the charts growth-wise, and he wets and poops often.

    I think I have an over-active letdown problem, but I had the same thing with my first son and I think I'm managing it well by nursing on one breast for two or three feedings and pulling my son off before he starts gagging on the rush of milk. But the poor thing has TERRIBLE pain in his tummy. I give him Little Tummys before or after every feeding, and this helps him somewhat, but he grunts and groans nearly all day. Once he has a bowel movement, he seems somewhat relieved and can finally rest. But shortly, the pain returns again, and so it goes all day. His bowel movements are yellow and seedy, just as they should be, right? I have noticed that they seem to irritate the skin on his bottom, eventhough I change him right away. Another weird development: his breath almost has a metallic smell to it . . . I really can't place the odor, but it's different enough to cause concern.

    I think I may be making it worse, too, by comfort nursing him. It makes both of us feel better temporarily, but I think overfilling his tummy can't be good. At first, he nursed every two or three hours, like clockwork. Now, he nurses every hour, sometimes a few times an hour. I have tried a pacifier, but I feel guilty about it.

    My son's pediatrician tells me there's nothing I can do, that babies go through this phase while their digestive system is developing. But, as a Mom, I can't fathom having my baby be in pain for so much of his day. It's draining both of us. I breastfed my first son for 14 months, and it was pure torture for both of us. His situation was much worse, with horribly acidic bowel movements in all colors of the rainbow. He didn't sleep through the night until he weaned. His pediatrician only suggested formula when I took him in to be seen. I even did the elimination diet thing, living off of peaches and rice for a month. It didn't make a difference for my son, but Mom lost about 20 pounds and was pretty much a zombie!

    I would appreciate any advice, and so would my little one!

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    sounds like a grouth spurt! I bet he will get back to his normal pattern after he is done growing.
    The smell I thinK I would talk to my doctor about.
    I had one child that used a passy too. don't feal guilty about it, its ok if it doesn't replace a feed. My child would nurse and nurse all night if I let him and 3 sucks on the passy and he was out.
    do you use wipes? one of my kids would get raw from something in the wipes I had to use warm water and wash clothes on him. I just got cheap ones one color from wal-mart and used them only on baby buts and then washed them with my towels.
    did you ever figure out what was bothering your older son? If the babies poops are yellow thats a good sign. There are some moms with alergy babies on the board. They know lots of good info!
    Have you tried a sling? Babies that are carried cry less?
    and don't forget he is still pretty little give your self some time to get used to being a mom of a newborn again! Each baby has his own personality and quirks. IT just takes a while to get to know them.
    you can do it!

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