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    so ds had his check up today. he is 4mos and weighs 13lbs. Birthweight was 6lbs. 10oz. so i thought we were doing quite ok since he almost doubled his birthweight. Anyway doc. is a bit worried since he is in a low percentile for weight 15th i believe and head he is in the 4th, for lenght he is in the 35th. Anyhow we are all kind of petite. the problem is really that he doesn't nurse for very long 5-10 min max and only on one side. so i'm worried about him maybe not getting enough hindmilk. How do you know when they are getting it. does it come after the first letdown already? He is pretty much done feeding usually always right after that. I nurse one side each feeding and i block feed if it was less than two hours since the last feeding. i don't think offering both sides or switching more often would help in terms of him getting hindmilk, right? he poops once a day always yellow but very liquidy, not seedy. and urine output seems fine too. what do you all think.
    thank you

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    i wouldn't worry about him not getting enough hindmilk if he's an efficient nurser. some baby only nurse for 5-10 max. did you try to offer the other boob even after he finishes one side? mine would fall asleep after minutes of nursing on one side but i switch and offer the other boob everytime and he seem to comtinue nursing. he also nurses for 5-10 minutes and his weight have always been in the 80-90th range.

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    Somewhere I read the motto "look at the baby, not the chart." If your baby is happy and alert, reaching his developmental milestones, having enough wet/dirty diapers and *is* gaining weight and length (though perhaps not as fast as your pedi would like), you almost certainly have nothing to worry about. In addition, the growth charts used by many pedis are outdated and do not necessarily reflect the normal growth patterns of breastfed babies.

    I wouldn't worry about a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance if your LO seems satisfied after nursing and is not having an upset tummy/green poop. My DS only nurses on one side at a time, for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, and he's a chunker. Every baby grows at his own pace, so try not to worry about a chart if your individual baby is doing fine
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