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    Question Evening feeding

    My daughter is almost 8 weeks old and we are still not on a great sleeping schedule. For the last week or two, she has started this new thing where she seems to want to be on my breast constantly. Around 8pm she will eat. After I burp her she gets fussy and starts searching for my breast again. Nothing seems to calm her except putting her back on my breast. She will fall asleep after a few minutes and as soon as I take her off she gets fussy again. This goes on until around midnight or so when she finally falls asleep and stays asleep. I know that after a while she is not getting any milk so I worry that in that last feeding, she just didnt get enough and keeps trying.

    I have read that in the first three months of life, babies should be fed on demand so if I cannot calm her by changing, swaddling, or holding her, I feed her. My husband thinks that is why she gets fussy, because she expects that I will put her at my breast and she has gotten used to it. I also know that they go through growth spurts around 7 weeks but I have read that the constant wanting to eat should only last about 2 days.

    Please help if you can
    Thanks, DanaF

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    What you are going through is completely natural. Most babies that are ebf cluster feed at night. Even if she is just comfort sucking, that's OK. Your husband may have better luck swaddling, walking, singing, rocking her if he's willing. My DD will scream bloody murder if I try to do these things, but for him she'll lay her head right on his shoulder and pass out. It's OK to comfort nurse her. We do it every day and night at nap and bed time. They are helping boost your supply and are happy at the same time. My theory has always been to do what makes the baby happy. It will get better though as time goes on. Read this article. I love it.

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    here's a good link about scheduleing

    you baby is still very young and trying to get your milk supply up where it should be.
    Lots of babies have frequency days that can last a week or more, when baby is growing they want to eat more. And they just want to be near you.
    If she's sleeping well at night after tanking up in the eve, thats great!

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    My 7 week daughter is the same way, except she starts clustering around 5 and continues until 7, when she wants to go to bed. Then we do "sidelying boobie" until she falls asleep around 8 or 8:30, still latched on. She also won't nap during the day unless she's latched on. I get nothing done! I'm thinking about buying a Maya wrap to wear her around the house... I sympathize and would love to hear the advice!!!

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    My boy used to do the same thing. I called it "gassing up the car before the vacation." It seemed like he was attached to me for the whole evening. The only good part about it was that he would sleep for a good amount of hours (i.e. more than two in a row!) afterwards.
    It may seem like it will go on forever, but it will pass...

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    Hi DanaF, congrats on your new baby!

    I remember how it was for me when my baby was that age too. I used to keep track of his feeding, waking and sleeping just to see if a pattern would emerge. If you are curious, you can click on this link to see a diagram of what it was like between weeks 11-13.

    Though his night-time sleeping did eventually get into some semblance of a "schedule" after 3 months, his feeding didn't.

    There are many reasons why this was so for my baby:
    • growth spurts;
    • cluster feeding;
    • hot weather so he needed to drink more;
    • fighting off a virus;
    • he had a particularly stressful day;
    • sucking for comfort because he's teething.
    The list goes on... Somehow baby seems to know when he needs the breast more than usual.

    I've found this article useful in setting my mind at ease: http://www.wiessinger.baka.com/bfing...ks/hungry.html

    Hope this has been helpful.
    Caylen Koen Chew (25/05/06)
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    My 7 week old does the same thing. I have noticed however that his growth spurt eating lasts 5 days not the two that you read about. I agree with the ppl about your breast not being the source of the crying. You are the mama, the center of your babies incredibly small universe, of course the boobie is what your baby wants and should get! Do what you feel is right, I'm sure you can sense what your baby really needs. Don't worry about the opinions of other people, they are well intentioned, but its really you that knows...

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