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Thread: blisters on nipples only one side

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    Default blisters on nipples only one side

    Help! I have a 19-day old, and from the start, I had horribly sore nipples (bruised, cracked, with scabs/bleeding). They have healed, but on one side I have two blisters. I have tried following the correct latch on procedures religiously, but that doesn't seem to have helped. This is my third child, and I breastfed my previous two as well. With them, I also had the same nipple problems that got better by the third week--but I didn't have blisters

    What can I do? I'm an emotional mess!

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    Default Re: blisters on nipples only one side

    Welcome and congrats on your lo!!

    First of all I am soo sorry you are having such troubles!

    I totally understand where you stand. It can be emotionally hard on us when we don't understand what's going on or how to correct it when nothing is working. Is it white your blister? It sounds to me like a nipple blister. The following link would be good to read:


    The best advice I have heard is to cont feeding on that side as it will help with the healing, it can hurt still, I know this one too well, but it will get better I can assure of that!

    Please keep us updated on progess. Keep up the good work momma you are doing wonderful!
    Jenn SAHM and carseat to

    DD 5 years old , nursed till just shy of 3 yrs old

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    Default Re: blisters on nipples only one side

    Dear Adel, welcome to the forum!
    It sure sounds ouchy! I read that you tried all sorts of latching techniques but heres a link to a great site:
    In the meantime, take a look at Dr. Newman's website:
    I haven't been through any blistery situations yet (knock on wood) but many women have. I understand that you are in pain and are stressed out. Is there anything you can do to try and relax? I know this sounds like a hippie talking, but stress is the absolute worst for healing. In the meantime I'll try and do some research for you on blistering ok? Hang in there.

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    Default Re: blisters on nipples only one side

    did you have an anitbotic at birth?
    Some moms get thrush right away at birth and that can cause alot of pain and some of the problems with healing nipple wounds. Its something to ask the doctor about.

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