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Thread: After 18 months of BF still not ovulating - is this normal?

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    Default After 18 months of BF still not ovulating - is this normal?

    I am not sure if my post belongs here or in the "Weaning" part of the forum, but here goes.

    DD is 18 months old and still nurses a lot. I nurse her at least 2-3 times during the day (on demand, haven't been able to really establish a routine there), once at bedtime, once in the middle of the night/early morning (typically around 3:00 am) and then she stays latched on for *hours* from around 5:30 or 6:00 am until we get up for the day, usually after 9:00 am (DH and I are Night Owls, so DD goes to sleep typically at/around 9:30 or 10:00 pm). Day and night I am a human pacifier.

    About 2 months ago I felt "different" (I can't remember exactly what it was that made me pause, but suffice it to say that I felt some activity in my left ovary) and I was inspired to test with OPK's. To my surprise and saw a very clear positive and a surge. After that I had a lot of ovulatory pain, my temperature rose as it should (I temped) and 10 days later (a bit early based on my normal LP) I had my first PP period. But since then, nothing. Or rather, every couple of weeks I get all the symptoms of pre-ovulation, pain in my ovaries, positive OPK's, ferning on my saliva ovulation predictor and a "PEAK" indicator on my fancy schmancy fertility monitor (yes, I have all the technology given our history of m/s and difficulty conceiving). My body is acting like it is ovulating, but I NEVER see a temp rise and I haven't seen a period since. It's very frustrating.

    If I was younger and had more time on the biological clock I'd be very happy to be this successful using LAM as contraception, but I really would like to see my periods come back. I am 36 y.o. and DH and I would very much want to have at least one more baby (and I would *LOVE* to have 3 kids, but can't be too greedy). We were lucky to have DD at all. I had 2 miscarriages before DD was born and it took us a while to get pregnant. DH is Type II Diabetic, and... well, let's just say that TTC is not an easy thing for us. Also, I wonder if it's normal to feel this way, to surge and surge and not ovulate? It's like my body steps on the gas, but nothing happens. Anyone else with a similar experience? I am wondering whether this is typical or is there something else hormonal going on that is preventing me from ovulating. Any suggestions on what I could do to get my periods back, short of weaning DD? I really don't want to wean DD right now (yet). She has many food sensitivities and neither one of us is ready. I was really hoping to tandem nurse, but there will be none of that if this continues.

    I would love to hear from others who have had a similar experience or anyone with a suggestion.

    Many thanks!

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    Default Re: After 18 months of BF still not ovulating - is this normal?

    I thought your cycles came back when you began to reduce night feedings- however I have nothing to back this supposition. Maybe somone else knows?

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    Default Re: After 18 months of BF still not ovulating - is this normal?

    Sheesh, I had no break from menstruation at all *HUMPH* It was back just like that! *SIGH*

    Have you had your regular annual pelvic exam

    Honestly, if you're experiencing anything out of the ordinary for you then I'd call the Dr
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    Default Re: After 18 months of BF still not ovulating - is this normal?

    Thanks for your replies, ladies . Unfortunately I have a history of irregular cycles before, I was taking Fertility Blend and doing Accupuncture and TCM to get regular cycles, so I don't know what's normal or not. I was on BCP's (never again) since I was 18 years old before that, I am sure that messed up stuff even more. My annual was recently, and I checked out great, but maybe it's worth talking to my OB about it. I'm so confused. I heard that night weaning can help bring back cycles, so I think I'll be trying Dr. Jay Gordon's 10 nights approach next (not looking forward to the temper tantrums), but was wondering if anyone else had this trigger trigger trigger pattern.


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    Default Re: After 18 months of BF still not ovulating - is this normal?

    Hi Dorota,

    My son is a bit younger than your dd (he's 11 months), but I have also not had a return of AF. I have felt some of the signs that AF would be coming, but nothing yet. I think this is normal as our bodies tend to take some time before the hormone levels get high enough to actually ovulate. I have mixed emotions about it, as I would also like to conceive another child soon but don't want to wean.

    There was an article in New Beginnings recently that you may be interested in:



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    Default Re: After 18 months of BF still not ovulating - is this normal?

    You seem to be very attuned to your body and whether you’ve ovulated. I am Bfing my 15 month old and I have had two “periods”, but I’m not sure if I’ve ovulated yet. I’ve had some signs, like a high cervix and fertile-seeming cf, but I’m not sure if my body was just *trying* or actually succeeded. There were over 50 days between my two periods and they were lighter than I remember. I am now on cycle day 20 and I *think* I might be ovulating right now, but we shall see. I did not notice a thermal shift last cycle either, but I am new to charting. I’m hoping to see a temp rise soon!
    In my situation, I rarely get a truly *accurate* BBT because I don’t usually have the luxury of laying in bed to temp after at least 3 hours of sleep because of night and early morning nursing. I can maybe do that one or two days out of the week. It sounds like that might be an issue for you too? I will check my TCOYF book and see what it says about whether it’s possible to ovulate without a thermal shift.
    I’m sorry, this is more like my personal story, rather than answering your question. Supposedly mixing up the routine a bit can help, and limiting longer nursing sessions (since it is the suckling that releases prolactin). I have the luxury of time, so it’s easier for me to say that I will just wait and see, so I feel for you there.


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    Default Re: After 18 months of BF still not ovulating - is this normal?

    My son is 17 months and I still haven't had a post-partum period. I, too, feel like I'm about to ovulate every once in a while, but so far haven't. I remember reading somehwere (TCOYF maybe?) that it's normal for your body to "try" and ovulate without success a couple of times before you actually ovulate when its transitioning back to a fertile state. I've always assumed that's what mine is doing when I get ovulation symptoms but no ovulation.

    I second the suggestions given above to help get your periods back. Changing nursing patterns, limiting suckling, night-weaning are all good ways some moms are able to get cycling again without weaning. I hope something works for you!

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