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    Hi all, my DS turned 6 months last week and we have tried a couple solids. I just wanted to see if your LOs made similar strange faces when trying new things. We are trying the baby led approach. First avocado, then banana. He will pick it up and chew on it, but make a crazy face like he doesn't like it (if an adult made this face, you would think they thought what they were eating was gross), but then he'll KEEP eating it!

    I say he's feeding it to himself, so I'll keep giving it to him, but just wanted to see if this is a common reaction. Like is it just surprise that there is a flavor (as opposed to all the toys he generally gets to chew on!). He does better with banana, so that's what we've given mostly this week. He does make quite a mess though and I'm not sure how much he has actually ingested!

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    ABSOLUTELY! It's the funniest thing I've ever seen

    It's like you gave them lemons or something, but then they keep eating it. Hours (or at least minutes) of entertainment

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