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    hi everyone, im 39 weeks pregnant with my second, i breastfed my first for four months, but my milk supply was very inadiquent my lactation consultant actually told me to introduce formula because he wasnt gaining weight, now with my new one being born soon i was hoping for some tips on increasing my milk supply so maybe i can breastfeed him longer...?

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    Hi. Welcome. Congrats on your upcoming birth of dd.

    First of all, no need to worry. You will do just fine. The LLL is a great resource, the forum and the meetings are a great lifesaver!! All of the ladies here and in the groups are wonderful.

    If you haven't already go to the meetings and have a contact with the leader in your area. Ask any questions you have, there are no silly questions all of us have questions and nobody here is judging anything anybody needs answers to. I know I have asked lots of questions both here with LLL or the LC at the hosptial.

    Also remember what your 1st lo did isn't the case for this one. Each baby is very different. As far as what you can do to increase/or maintain supply is:
    drinks lots of fluid, eat well, frequent feedings, and there are over the counter meds you can try; mother's milk tea, Fenugreek and even med that dr can write prescription for. One thing you will want to be cautous of is for some it can have oppsoite effect on supply. Watch caffeine intake as that can play a mess, stress levels affect supply. Pumping is by no means an indication for production amout.

    Don't get discouraged, it is a learning experience for both you and dd and a great bonding for the both of you. You'll do great, keep up the good work.

    Ask all of the questions you are concerned about and if you can attend the meetings, they will help you in so many ways. to find it in your area go to: http://www.llli.org/Web/NorthCarolina.html

    Another ood source is:



    Jenn SAHM and carseat to

    DD 5 years old , nursed till just shy of 3 yrs old

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    The best thing to establish and maintain a good supply is to allow your baby to nurse as often as he or she desires. Frequent nursing sessions are the key.

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    The one thing I wish I had done is stored all the excess milk I had while engorged instead of letting my milk supply level out... I like you had to fight to keep my milk when my son was about 6 weeks old and again now at 8 months due to a vicious cold I caught recently.

    Congrats and goodluck!


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