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Thread: Baby led weaning

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    Question Baby led weaning

    I would like to know if anyone is doing baby-led weaning and how it is working out for them.
    My DS is 6.5 months and I started him on solids when he was 5 months and a week. He has been taking basic fruits (apples, pears, bananas, avocados, prunes) and vegetables (squash, sweet potato, peas, carrots) all pureed. I just found out about baby-led weaning and was wondering if it could work for him. How do I start this new approach? How do I know he won't choke?
    Also, he has been bottle fed since he was 2 months old (oh, I felt so blessed when I was breastfeeding him, but unfortunately it did not work out well... I have had very sore nipples for some reason... I still pump and he gets about 15 oz of breast milk a day and 10 oz of formula milk...). Does baby led weaning work with bottle fed babies the same way it does with breast-fed ones?
    Thank you for all the insights.

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    Default Re: Baby led weaning

    Are you talking about Child led Solids? Baby Led weaning as far as I know is about letting your baby decide when to stop nursing instead of Mother led weaning where she stops offering the breast when the child stops asking for it.
    It your talking about Child led solids there is some questions about Bottle Fed children vs Breastfed children as Bottle fed children generally eat until the bottle is empty and don't self regulate the way breast fed kids do. BUT I will go ahead and bump up some recent threads where we discuss it!

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