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Thread: Q for Oversupply moms of Older babies

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    Default Q for Oversupply moms of Older babies

    I'm just curious about this one. I have dealt with OALD and Oversupply with both of my kids...my youngest is 9 mos (he's my only nurser currently).

    I'm wondering how many other mamas of older babies still have babies who FREQUENTLY night nurse?

    The reason I'm curious is that my youngest has been a much more effective nurser from day one, and now will only nurse for 3 or 4 minutes off one breast per session during the day...he has solid food about 3 times a day...breakfast lunch and dinner...he still nurses every 2-3 hours during the day...sometimes he'll go like 3.5 hours, but that's usually only like once a day. But at night for the last few weeks, he's been nursing like every 2 hours. He seems like he honestly needs it, so I let him.

    To me, it really seems like the BM comes out soo soo fast and there's soo soo much of it that LO gets a little overloaded from it and prefers alot of smaller meals to several really big ones.

    So anyway, I don't need any advice, as we've got that all under control, but I was wondering if anybody else also had these same issues. It makes sense to me that part of the reason for the night feedings could be the OALD/oversupply since we nurse side-lying, so everything comes out slower and he can finally comfort nurse to some extent, but I just wanted to know if anybody else had the same things going on.

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    Default Re: Q for Oversupply moms of Older babies

    I also have a very efficient little nurser. He also eats frequently at night but he is going to be a year old in a few days. He will only take a few minutes to nurse from only one side during the day also, I just figured it was because he has gotten so efficient at getting milk. If I lay down with him, he might actually eat for 10 or so minutes. He has always been a very efficient nurser...so ya, I know what you mean. Congratulations for giving your lo the best start to life ever!!

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