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    Quote Originally Posted by knittin mama View Post
    My baby is 15 months old and one of my breasts hurts considerably when he latches on and when my milk comes in. I've had this pain for a few months now and I asked my dr. when I went in for my yearly physical what she thought and she told me that it isn't a plugged duct or an infection. It feels like a bruise that won't go away. Any ideas on how to make it heal?

    For what it's worth, on the days he nurses a bunch, it's much worse.
    Is the pain near/on the nipple like where his teeth would graze? Or is it elsewhere on the breast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by llowe View Post
    No, this doesn't sound like self-weaning. Seft-weaning is usually a very gradual process. It may likely be due to the teething. It is good to pump if he's refusing the breast. Sometimes the teething pain makes it uncomfortable to nurse. You can try offering a cold washcloth or other teething object for him to bite for awhile before nursing. Tylenol or teething tablets may also help. How has he been today?
    Thanks for the info and encouragement. I had more success yesterday getting him to nurse. I wore a button down shirt and had it & my bra open. Even though he didn't want to nurse (2-3 minutes per side) for very long, he still nursed frequently. I guess it's the power of suggestion. Once he starts pulling off, I have been ending the nursing session and closing up my bra/shirt. I don't want the cuts to be reopened. I also let him nurse in a new position: he sat on my lap facing me - he got a kick out of that and his teeth were off the cuts.

    He woke a lot in the night and wanted to nurse.

    Today I will try giving him either Tylenol or Hyland's today to see if that helps.

    The cuts are healing a bit now. It still hurts, but not as bad.
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    llowe gave good advice!
    heres a link about nursing strikes

    the newbegging stories might help too....

    hope he is fealing beter soon.

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    I'm not a mom... YET. But I did see something about a nipple guard to help with a proper latch... maybe using that might help with him biting. Like I said, no experience but it might help...

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