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Thread: Building up stored supply

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    Default Building up stored supply

    I have a six week old baby boy and have to return to work in several days. For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to pump after we finish each nursing session to build up a supply for when I return to work. But, it never fails that I have to give the milk to my son instead of freezing it. He will insist on eating shortly after I finish pumping, get frustrated at the breast because he's not getting enough, so I finally give in and bottle feed him the pumped milk.

    This seems like a never ending battle and I still have no milk stored up. I also use the pumped milk when we are out of the house running errands because again, he will insist on eating then too!

    I spoke with a lactation consultant about my issues and she suggested pumping at a designated time everyday and just storing that milk. But my son is not on a regular eating pattern yet and therefore I never know when he will want to eat!

    Thanks in advance for the help!


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    Default Re: Building up stored supply

    When he fusses at the breast, have you tried switching sides? You see, the breast is never truly empty. Milk is being produced even as it's being removed. So, your son is getting milk when he nurses after you've pumped. Could it be that he is balking because the flow is slowed? Maybe try breast compression when he gets fussy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Carrie
    I also use the pumped milk when we are out of the house running errands because again, he will insist on eating then too!
    I didn't understand this. Are you saying your pumping so you can feed ebm while running errands?

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    Default Re: Building up stored supply

    Hi Carrie,
    Oh, the stress of knowing you have to return to work soon is rough! And of course, worrying over milk supply really does make that all the more stressful.

    Have you tried pumping very first thing in the morning - before you feed your baby his first feeding? Milk supply is often really high in the morning and you might be able to stash away some extra ounces this way. Since your supply is high first thing in the AM, your baby should still have plenty when nursing after this pumping. Also, what about doing one final pumping of the day an hour after you feed your baby at bedtime? The combination of these two things helped me with EBM supply for my DS.
    Best of luck to you....take care of yourself, especially in these first days/weeks back at work. It's emotionally and physically draining. Hang in there!

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    Default Re: Building up stored supply

    One quick way to save some pumped milk is to figure out a plan for how to feed baby when he's hungry and you're out and about. I know many moms here have figured out creative ways to accomodate baby's needs while they're out - does anyone have any suggestions?

    For me, if I didn't feel comfortable nursing somewhere we were going, or it was just really challenging physically (e.g., while we were walking through the grocery store, though I have done this in the sling once or twice when really needed!) I would nurse in the car before we went in. This was helpful for me in managing my older child because he could stay strapped in his carseat and not running around somewhere while I was sitting nursing his sister. LOL I also made plenty of trips to the local mall where some of the nice department stores had great "women's lounges" with couches, even sometimes a glider or rocking chair. I also wore layers, lots of cardigans, so if baby needed to eat, I'd lift the inside layer (t-shirt), and still have the cardigan to hold around my midsection to keep from that wedge of skin showing if you were behind me. In restaurants, I sat with my back to the wall or back of the restaurant, asked for booths, that sort of thing. But mostly, it's my baby, and my right to feed her wherever she needs to be fed. Reminding myself of that gave me the confidence to look up and meet the gaze of anyone who might be noticing what I was doing. An easy smile usually charmed them. Frankly, after a little while I don't think most people even had a clue I was nursing! You can practice in front of a mirror or in front of girlfriends too.

    Good luck, I'm sure if you can save those couple of ounces a day that will give you the milk you need for that first day back at work.

    Karen Smith
    LLL Leader, IL

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