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Thread: Am I causing supply problems?

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    Default Am I causing supply problems?

    My son has a habit of falling asleep at the breast and green poop diapers. I feel it is because of a lack of hindmilk. I started block feeding and immediately we were seeing yellow poop (I was so proud, how funny is that?). I don't feel that I have oversupply or OALD. My son does have reflux, so I think he just likes smaller meals. His weight and output is great. But because block feeding is more commonly used to control OALD and oversupply, could I be causing problems for my milk supply? Occasionally when block feeding, the non-used side gets slightly engorged. I have started giving him a small amount on that side if he gets "bored" and sleepy with the other side, and then we go back. Does that sound okay?

    PS, Even though he has smaller meals, he doesn't like to eat more than every 3 hours. He's pretty sleepy lately and I have to wake him to feed. I am worried about the small meals + long naps. He feeds well, but will re latch many times, I think because of his reflux. Sometimes he comfort feeds to ease his acid pain. So maybe it just balances out?
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    Default Re: Am I causing supply problems?

    It sounds like the block feeding is working. The main idea of it is to access the hindmilk more and it sounds like that is happening. Our bodies are pretty good at adjusting to meet our lo's needs.

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    It sounds like you've found a solution that works for you! If you find yourself slightly engorged, it is fine to express a little bit.
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