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Thread: Letdown problems

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    Question Letdown problems

    I have a question? I have a three week old and am breastfeeding. my right breast does not let down...and my son goes wild anytime on this side? I find I have to nurse on the left to get the letdown ...then quickly switch sides to have him nurse on that side?
    (massaging doesn't help)
    2 questions,
    anyone have this problem?
    secondly has anyone exclusively nursed one child only on one breast the whole time?

    I have an older child at home, and remember the same problem with him, but seems more drastic this time....

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    It is possible to nurse on one side only, but don't give up just yet. I had problems with one side verses the other and now they are the same and I know another Mom here was thinking of relactating the side she had abandoned early on. Have you tried heat? A heated rice bag, water bottle, or even a hot washcloth can help. Also try tickling with your fingertips or possibly pumping on the other side while feeding your lo in the football hold will help stimulate letdown. Best wishes.

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    Hi there

    Other than not feeling letdown on that side, do you have any other "evidence" (for lack of a better word ) that it's not letting down? You mention that baby gets frustrated until you stimulate letdown by nursing on the other side--does he suck and swallow once he gets going on the right? Have you tried expressing from that side by hand or with a pump? Do you ever full or engorged on that side?

    It could be that the slow is a bit slower on that side and that is why he gets frustrated. Most women find one breast produces a little more than the other. In some mothers this difference is more drastic. And certainly a mother can nourish a baby with only one breast.

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