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Thread: contacting LLL

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    Default contacting LLL

    Is there a 'protocol' to contacting a local LLL leader?
    Is there a specific time they prefer to be contacted? Like business hours or something?
    I'm nervous about calling up a 'stranger' and asking for latching help but my nipples are screaming and i'd really like to bf my preemie...


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    Hi MasonsMom,
    Please feel free to use this directory to find a Leader near you (if you haven't already).
    Leaders have families, too, but we are also volunteers who understand that breastfeeding questions don't happen only during "business hours". Dinner time / evenings are common times to receive calls as that might be when a mother needs help the most.
    Please don't worry about calling a "stranger". We are here to help!
    Please let us know how it goes, OK?

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