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Thread: Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

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    Default Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

    This is an edited down, rough draft version of a letter I wrote to Addie to share with her today at her one year birthday party, and to give to her when she is older. I am so sad today ... but I keep reminding myself that nothing is going to drastically change now that she is one ... tomorrow will be exactly the same as today ... my angel will still nurse to sleep and snuggle next to me all night, she'll still desperately need mommy to pick her up and sling her all day, she'll still want to nurse just as much as she looks into my eyes with that sweet, contented look ... no magic thing is happening to my girl today to whisk the remainder of her baby self away! And yet, I am saddened at the thought of those baby months being forever in the past.

    So, I wrote her this letter, even though I am a poor writer and am not able to articulate my intense motions for this little girl into mere words. Everything I thought to write down pales in comparison to the deep love I have for her.

    Okay here it is ...

    My precious girl ...

    I can't believe you are turning one year old in less than 24 hours. It seems like just yesterday you were sleeping 20 hours a day curled up on my chest, so helpless and fragile, so brand new to this world. And today you are this spirited, miniature person just bursting with personality. And yet, even though this most perfect year has flown by ... I feel as though you and I have known each other forever. Like we were soul mates that just hadn't connected until the day you were born. You are my constant companion and my best friend. My play mate and my sweet sleeping angel. You crack me up constantly with your wild moods, and spunky attitude. Even when you are being a little stinker I love you with my whole heart and soul.

    Every moment with you is precious to me ... I want to take each beautiful moment and imprint it on my heart so I never forget these precious baby days. When you look up at me with those breathtaking blue eyes as you nurse contentedly - your tiny hand stroking my arm and chest, legs happily kicking on my lap - I just melt with pure love for you.

    Last night daddy and I read you Pajama Time! together like we do every night, and you happily danced along to the rhymes ... bobbing your head all around and bouncing on your toes. We had to read it several times just so we could watch that adorable dance again.

    One of your favorite games lately has been "Chase Me!!" You invented it yourself ... you'll throw me a mischievous grin over your shoulder and as soon as I inch towards you you're off and running, trailing squeals of delight and giggles in your wake. When I "catch you" you collapse into a puddle of kisses and laughter.

    Your excitement for life amazes me. You get so blissfully happy sometimes you just don't know what to do with it and it bubbles over into laughter that seems to come out of the blue. You have the most infectious smile and laugh, Adeline dear, I could (and DO!!) sit and watch you forever. Our days are filled with laughter, reading, playing, nursing, and sweet naps together (you still sleep every nap in my arms while nursing, and every night snuggled by my side ... in fact, I am writing this one handed while you nurse, fast asleep in my lap).

    You adore giving kisses ... and, oh, how those kisses make me feel on top of the world! I am astounded at the depth of love and generosity you possess for such a young soul. I not only love you with all my heart, but I am also so proud of you and have so much respect for you as a person, little as you may be.

    I never knew I could be this happy ... you are such a blessing in my life. Ours is the most beautiful, natural, intimate and fulfilling relationship I've ever experienced (along with your daddy ... the two of you are my precious family and we are so happy together). This has been such an amazing journey with you my sweet Adeline ... and I'm so excited for all the joy and bliss to come our way.

    We took these during and after nursing last night ... our last nursing shots before she turned one!!

    And after ...

    And Happy Birthday to Miss Haylee too! And big hugs and congratulations to Erin!

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    Default Re: Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

    Annie - Thanks for sharing your b-day letter to Addie. It was SO amazingly beautiful and well written! And it made me cry (in a happy way).

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    Default Re: Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

    You are making me dread next week. I have to go. I am now sobbing.

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    Default Re: Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

    Oh Annie that is a wonderful letter! I have a box full of letters I have written to my babes and I have found, for the older ones, when I get really challenged with them (such as them showing their autonomy and such ) that I just have to pull out any one of the letters I wrote to them as an infant and I am quickly reminded of the love I have in my heart....

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    Thumbs up Re: Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...


    Beautiful ~ thanks so much for sharing....
    ~ Tiffany

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    Default Re: Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

    Annie, you already know how much I adored this letter, and how much I adore your little girl. It is so wonderful to be able to share Haylee's birthday with such a wonderful, intense little girl.

    We love ya both!

    And I hate that the tears well up like they do when reading that, because I can't see the beautiful words you wrote through them!

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    Default Re: Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful letter. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read it.

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    Default Re: Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

    So sweet. Adeline is a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful mother like you.
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    Default Re: Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

    So sweet, I can't stop crying! I am really dreading Bridget turning one next week. I know that it's a great thing to have made it successfully to this point, great to see them grow and become more independent but I can't help but think back and really miss those "baby" days...
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    Default Re: Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

    I remember being so sad on Thomas' birthday too...I think as breastfeeding moms we have such an intense bond with our children. We never leave them for more than a few hours if any at all, we nurse them down for their naps, bed anytime they need..I wrote a thread recently, well a couple of months back, called "when did you realize that nursing was so much more than food?" It was for me after he was one that I understood why nursing past a year was so important. I can tell you now at 19 months he still needs mommy very much, still nurses all night just like Addie What I love is that we have this very intense relationship where like you, I feel like we have known each other forever. He points to his hand and I know that he wants to sing round and round the garden. He says "no no no momma bed" and I know that he wants to read "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" he says "pot pot" and I know that he wants to read Spot... all these things and many more that no one else knows what he means. Oh the sweetest one is now when he sneezes you can here him whisper ''bessyou"...just melts me evertime. I have a journal that I write in almost daily and have since I took a positive prego test, I treasure those words to Thomas as you will these to Addie...What a blessed little girl to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy!! Happy birthday Addie!! Brittan and Thomas

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