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Thread: Daycare wants more EBM, WWYD?

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    How often do you pump at work? I work from 8 - 5 each day and generally feed dd right before leaving for work, my babysitter only lives 5 minutes away so I feed right before we leave. I then pump at 10 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm. My DCP gives dd a bottle between 4 and 5 so she generally doesn't eat right when we get home either but I pump at 4 so I then feed dd at home around 6:30pm. I haven't noticed any supply issues while we are at home and I feed her.

    I think you are doing what you can, but if you might try pumping more at work and pumping closer to time to leave if your DCP is feeding your lo just before you get there. That way maybe you'll be ready again by the time your lo gets ready to eat.

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    That is a good thought, maybe I should pump a little later in the day....I had been pumping at 9,12,and 3.....she's geting her bottles right around 9:30, 12:30 and 3:30.....if not a little later.

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    Can you check the nipples on the bottles? Babies should stay on slow-flow bottles until they stop taking bottles. If you've been using the same bottle nipples for a while, they could have opened up from repeated use and washing, so baby is drinking faster than she would with you, and not getting her sucking need met. Occasionally, babies like to suck on the empty bottle at the end of a feeding, too, just like they sometimes like to "hang out" at the breast at the end of a feeding - we know they're not sucking and swallowing, but they're still sitting there, latched on.

    Can you tell the provider that your baby isn't hungry in the evenings, because they are eating so much at daycare? Sometimes, asking the provider to help us keep our breastfeeding relationship going well will pull them over to our side, and help them to stop pushing extra food on our babies.
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    I agree with the previous posters...sounds like they are comforting her with the bottle.
    You said she is getting fussy when nursing at home - is that simply a slow-flow issue or is she still demanding more at the end of a nursing session?
    If she is doing well on the weekends with EBM, then I would talk to your DCP about that and it will support your case that they are pushing too much food (and the fact that she won't nurse much in the evening is additional evidence of that).
    The pressure of trying to pump more from day to day can be incredibly stressful...just relax and know that you are doing exactly the right things!

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    Default Re: Daycare wants more EBM, WWYD?

    My son was eating about 15 oz at the same age, and he was at daycare from 8 am to 4 pm.

    However, he now "holds out" until I get there and we get home (out of choice). I would ask your dcp to make sure she doesn't give the baby a large bottle any later than "X" (you pick the time), to be sure that the baby is hungry at the end of the day.

    What we do is err on the low side. We send 10 oz now (sometimes she tosses some), and she has 6 oz in her freezer of my milk. For some reason, there's a big disadvantage to defrosting the stuff in the freezer (she just doesn't want to do it), so she only does it if he's really hungry. This is nice, because when we get home, he's really hungry, and he nurses well.

    If your baby isn't nursing well in the evening, you can always pump before bed. I used to do that. I'd only get a couple of ounces, but it helped for the next day.

    Also, I only pump once a day at work, but I pump for 20-30 mins, until I get no more milk. I've been doing this for 6 months. It probably wouldn't work for everyone though.
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