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Thread: What is the longest BF toddler????

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    Default What is the longest BF toddler????

    Just out of curiosity.....

    I never planned on this, and because I occasionally value sleep more than discomfort, she is 37 months old today and still BF to go to sleep, if she is sick, and the first thing in the morning, and whenever she sees me naked.
    Seriously, it is like she is obsessed with them. God forbid I change after work, or shower with her around. I always thought she would get disinterested with this, of course I used BF'ing as a cure for everything, pretty much a "please stop crying, here's a boob" type of thing....so, I blame myself for this. I have no support around here. Everyone thinks I should have stopped Bf'ing her at 3 months, nevermind 3 years. It is only over the last few months I am seriously considering weaning her, but at this point, I do not know how. I have tried rocking or back patting substitutes, if she does fall asleep on her own, it always results in her waking in the middle of the night, so then I get discouraged because if I just nurse her to sleep, then she will sleep the night thru, so there is little motivation for me to change the status quo. I have tried a few other things, and none of those seem to help either. I guess I am not sure if I really want to ween her. I am curious as to if she will eventually grow out of it. Although it is funny to ask her if they are empty, and watch her nod yes or no with that gleeful milky smile on her face. Btw, hubby is of no consistant useful help here, Patience is not his best trait. Any comments are appreciated! I think I would be glad to know I am not the only one Bf a 3 yo!

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    Default Re: What is the longest BF toddler????

    I replied (albeit quickly ) to your other post.

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    Default Re: What is the longest BF toddler????

    my dd was 3 in june.
    I like to think with older sibblings that she will nurse at least untill the flu season is over around here. So far she hasn't been very sick at all and thats because of breastmilk. I don't share that she is still nursing will very many! Thats what's great about my LLL group they understand nursing a toddler.
    I understand your fealings about nursing to sleep, isn't it wonderfull.
    I can put my dd down in about 20 mins.. the older kids take hours sometimes, they have to have a drink and then want to talk and carry on.

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