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    I will be having my daughter March '07 and I want to try to breast feed her. My first child (my son) would not latch on for anything! I gave up in the hospital. This time around (7 years later) I am determined to get it right. I just bought a Medela Pump in Style Original Breast Pump just incase the same thing happens, at least I could pump.
    My question is, I keep seeing the term "let down" what is that? I don't understand. Also, my breasts are leaking already, why? Should I/can I pump them now and freeze it?
    Thank you!!

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy -- how exciting! I'm glad to hear that you want to breastfeed your daughter and that you are preparing now in hopes of having a better experience this time.

    To answer your questions briefly: "letdown" is what happens when your breasts get the signal to release milk. This can be triggered either by your baby's suckling, by a breastpump, by expressing milk with your own hands, or more rarely by certain sounds or sensations (like hearing a baby cry). Letdown is more technically called the milk ejection reflex, and it is the result of a hormonal process.

    About your breasts leaking -- some women experience leaking during pregnancy. Your breasts are already making colostrum, the "first milk" that is so vital to newborns. There is no need to express colostrum and store it during pregnancy -- you'll still be making plenty of it when your baby arrives, and then within a few days your milk will change into mature breastmilk (what we often describe as a mother's milk "coming in." For now, just clean away the colostrum with your daily shower or bath, or wear nursing pads to absorb it if there's a lot.

    Since you had a difficult time with your son and ultimately were not able to breastfeed him, I want to assure you that for nearly every breastfeeding problem, there is a breastfeeding solution if mothers can only get access to accurate information and the right kinds of support. I'm glad that you are bringing your questions here and perhaps reading other threads as well.

    Attending LLL meetings before you give birth is also an excellent way to prepare to breastfeed as well as to meet other nursing mothers and get to know your local LLL Leaders so you can call them when the baby arrives if you have any questions or problems. Here's the link to find most LLL groups in Indiana:


    Good luck and don't hesitate to post again with any questions or concerns.

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    welcome to the boards!
    I agree with the pp, get into contact with your local lll group.
    that way you'll have somebody to call if you run into trouble this time.
    Don't let a doctor or nurse discorage you because of your 1st child!
    You can do it this time.
    Have you read the Womanly art of breastfeeding? ITs A LLLI book that has all the info you need to get off to a good start.
    your breasts leaking is a realy good thing! It shows your body knows what to do. Some moms find they have to use breastpads before the baby is born. And avoid laying on your breasts and putting pressure on them.
    if you have any more questions don't be afraid to ask.

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    It is tough to get started bfing sometimes, but with determination and support you can get through it. One thing that really helped me was for my husband to be very educated about the benefits of breastfeeding. It helps when you are crying (got to love those postbaby hormones!) to have someone close by to encourage you and not offer an "easy" out.

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    I am here just to give a little encouragement. I too with my son- almost 6 years ago when my lo was born- was unable to breastfeed. I also was unable to get him to latch on and gave up in the hospital- mainly because everyone told me I was starving him. Well with my little Katie, I was determined to breastfeed. My milk did not come in until day 4 and she did lose quite a bit of weight in the beginning, but now we have a great breast feeding relationship. The road was not easy, but we did it. Just don't ever doubt yourself and you and your lo will be fine. I can't help with the leakage problem because I never leak. Good luck

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