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Thread: Biting and Blanching

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    HI there
    i hope you can help. My DD is 4 months old now and has had 2 teeth for over 4 weeks!!! she hasn't bitten me until today when she has clamped down after every feed and its excrutiating!!! I tried drawing her into the breast but she just bit harder and it was so sore. it was so painful after this last feed that i accidentally pinched her cheek trying to break her latch in reflex. she wasn't bothered and just laughed when i yelled ow!

    now my nipple is white at the tip and very very sore with 2 teeth marks!! i am worried about her next feed. please help.

    sally xxx

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    My son has not yet cut any teeth, however I was wondering about this and just had the conversation yesterday with my mother. Here's what she said that she did with me and my siblings: as soon as baby begins to bite down, stick your finger in the mouth to break suction, sit baby right up, tap your finger over baby's mouth a few times and say, "No". Then, don't give baby your breast right away again--apparently we got the message. Hope this works for you!

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